G.F. Newman is a BAFTA award-winning writer, producer, novelist and founder of One-Eyed Dog. Creator, writer and producer of the highly successful hit BBC1 series, JUDGE JOHN DEED, Newman has always created challenging, intelligent work. His first novel, SIR, YOU BASTARD was an instant bestseller and his television debut, LAW AND ORDER, changed the way the criminal justice system was portrayed on television for good. Further mould-breaking television followed with THE NATION’S HEALTH, 1994, BLACK AND BLUE, THE HEALER, NEW STREET LAW and JUDGE JOHN DEED.


Cassian Hall is a former archaeologist and historian who became first a screenwriter on BBC 1’s DOCTORS, a few stints with Channel 4’s TIME TEAM, then a film editor on shows such as JUDGE JOHN DEED and also a development executive with Scotland’s leading independent, Tern television. He joined One-Eyed Dog as creative director, leading development, pitch production and script development, overseeing the production of Exodus169, and developing projects in drama and factual. With a rich and diverse background, Cassian brings a unique perspective to creative media. He is currently working with William Boyd on a new project for BBC Scotland.


Alison Matthews began her career with the BBC at the Open University before moving into drama production. She has built her reputation and experience by moving up the production ladder through many roles including Script Supervisor, Location Manager, First Assistant Director and ultimately Line Producer. Working with the BBC and many independent production companies and on feature films, she has built a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding of all aspects of television and film drama. She has worked on a huge range of diverse productions including, for television, Judge John Deed, The Bill, Merseybeat, Family Affairs, Eastenders, The Worst Christmas of My Life, Little Howard’s Big Question and feature films Caught in the Act, Preaching to the Perverted and Dreaming of Joseph Lees. Alison joins One Eyed Dog Limited as Head of Production.

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